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72 Hickory Ridge Lane, Mt. Nebo, WV, 26679
Phone: 3048726027, 3048726027

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Services Provided: Officiants, Officiants

Areas Served: Greenbrier Valley, Mountain Lakes, Mountaineer Country

My name is Richard White, I am an ordained Christian Minister, seminary trained with a Doctor of Ministry degree in Pastoral Psychology, a Master’s of Divinity and a Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology. I love uniting two souls together to be life partners. Although the bride and groom may be of different faiths, have different beliefs about religion, are simply spiritual or even non-religious, we can plan the wedding you want.
Your wedding may be a ceremony with just the two of you or with thousands in attendance. It may be in a church or the great outdoors with heaven as your only roof, in your living room, or that “special” place. Some may prefer getting married at the lake in swim suits, others in the most formal dress. We can work together to make your wedding the way you want it.
I also do renewals of wedding vows for anniversaries or after a difficult period in your life. I am available for individual and couples counseling. Please e-mail me or give me a telephone call to discuss your wedding plans or pastoral needs.

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