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Should You Hold An Engagement Party?

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Many couples are thrilled to announce their engagement, but not all couples hold an engagement. You may be wondering: should you hold an engagement party? An engagement party is a great prelude to your big wedding plans. Many people will be pleased to celebrate your happy news at your engagement party. For some couples having an engagement party is ideal, and for other couples deciding to not have an engagement party may be the very best choice. Only you can decide if you should have an engagement party.

One of the top benefits of holding an engagement party is that it gives everyone a great chance to get to know each other. If the bride or groom has just moved into the area to marry their fiancé, an engagement party is a wonderful way to introduce them to everyone special in your life. This is great especially if you have a large family or many extended family members that your fiancé will be expected to meet. Holding an engagement party lets them meet everyone at one single convenient time. An engagement party also means that your fiancé has the ability to present themselves at their very best. They can dress up, shine their shoes and have their best party manners. For someone who is a bit shy, having a party may feel a bit overwhelming. But the fact that you will be getting all of these introductions over in one evening is a great relief for so many. It is important to celebrate life’s milestones and getting engaged is one of those milestones. So holding an engagement party is a great idea.

Some people are against holding an engagement party because the couple winds up holding so many other types of parties. If you think about it there is the wedding, a bridal shower, a bachelor party and (sometimes) a bachelorette party. For each of these parties the guests are required to dress up, travel from perhaps a far distance and each type of party tends to expect some gift for the bride or the groom. While gifts are not traditionally expected at an engagement party, many people certainly have shown up at an engagement party with a gift of some sort. So attending weddings and all of their little extra events can truly be expensive for guests. This is something to consider before planning an engagement party. Some of your guests may feel like they are being “hit upon” for yet another gift. It truly depends on how you handle your engagement party. Engagement parties can be a lot of fun as long as they are handled properly and with style!

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